The Portable Charger That'll Simplify Your Life: Introducing The Braxus Solar Power Bank

With so many charging options available today, it can be difficult to sift through all of the gimmicks to find a solution that truly works. Choosing a power bank that fits your lifestyle is key, but how do you know when you’ve discovered the right one?


Designed to meet personal power needs at home and on the go, the Braxus Solar Power Bank is a versatile portable charger that’s perfect for work, play, and everything in between. More than just a novelty, this solar power bank converts natural energy from the sun into a clean power source you can feel good about. Still on the fence? Below, we’ve outlined five reasons why this portable power bank could quickly become the most indispensable tool you own.


  1. It Will Keep Your Devices Going For Days

At 20,000mAh, the Braxus Solar Power Bank can power your iPhone more than six times on a single charge. That means no matter where you are—touring the city for a day, traveling for a multi-day conference, or camping over a long weekend—you no longer have to panic when your device’s low battery notification pops up. Plus, three USB outputs allow you can charge your personal phone, work phone, and tablet all at the same time.


Did we mention the Braxus Solar Power Bank also supports Qi wireless charging? This powerful charger can easily transmit a wireless charge through most phone cases, meaning you can actually charge four devices at once (so feel free to plug in your friends’ devices, too). Congratulations—you just became the most popular person in your group!


  1. It Stands Up To Harsh Environments

Have you ever hesitated to carry a piece of technology with you because you were afraid of ruining it? Fortunately, the Braxus Solar Power Bank is water-resistant, shock-proof, and durably-designed to hold up in rough environments. So, even if you’re mountain biking over rugged trails in the rain, you can toss this charger in your backpack without worrying about any accidental spills.


  1. It’s Literally Lighting The Way

Sometimes, you just need a good, portable light. Whether you’re working in a dimly-lit server room, fixing your bike chain on a trail at dusk, in need of a lantern for your tent, or lighting up your living room in a power outage, the Braxus Solar Power Bank’s 28 built-in LED lights can pump out 800 lumens for as long as you need. If that’s more light than you need, then click down to 550 lumens or 250 lumens. Either way, you’ll never be in the dark as long as you have one of these chargers handy.


  1. It’s Extremely Portable

There’s no need to budget for extra storage space with the Braxus Solar Power Bank. At just seven inches long, 3.8 inches wide, and 1.19 inches in depth, this compact tool can fit inside your purse, backpack, center console, and countless other convenient locations. Plus, at just over a pound, the Braxus Solar Power Bank is light enough to carry around without weighing you down. Need to go hands-free? With its strong fabric loop, the Braxus Solar Power Bank can hang off your backpack to charge while you hike, bike, or stroll.


  1. It Can Save You In An Emergency

While we recommend using a micro USB cable to fully charge your power bank before heading out, the Braxus Solar Power Bank features a built-in solar panel to grab power from the sun when you’re nowhere near an outlet. This naturally-sourced energy can help you in a pinch by powering your flashlight or providing a much-needed boost for a drained smartphone.

Overall, whether you’re rocking your baby to sleep in the middle of the night or headed off to conquer Mount Everest, the Braxus Solar Power Bank provides the power you need to get the job done. Want to learn more? Click here to discover more portable power options or contact us with questions.